To create a synergy of brains in telecom field internationally.


  • To provide a common platform for collaborative research, exchange of ideas and creation of R&D environment for leading scientists, academicians, researchers, practicing engineers, industry professionals and students.
  • Hold Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, brain storming sessions to discuss the growing advancement in the field of telecom technologies and allied fields.
  • To organize accreditation of telecom research institutes, industries and service providers, equipment manufacturers both in India and at international level.
  • To have close ties with International Telecom Union (ITU) for the purpose of training and spreading benefits of telecom for under-developed countries.
  • Develop and establish standards for telecom and allied fields to meet national requirements, generate IPRs and participate in international standardization bodies.
  • Facilitate IPRs creation for research scholars and spread the awareness for the same.